E nel sito arriva Snowflake

Snowflake è un marchio di moda che si sta affermando e crea gilet di pelliccia interamente creati e pensati in Italia da due giovanissime ragazze che vivono tra Londra e Milano.

Mi diverte l’idea di aiutarle perche’ ritengo che i giovani creativi devono potersi esprimere e non pensare agli aspetti burocratici delle loro attivita’.

Le fanciulle fanno tutto da sole..fotografie, sito, packaging, design, scelta dei materiali.

Ed e’stato subito successo!

Ecco qui la loro prentazione!

We are two twenty years old girls from Milan, Italy.

At the beginning of 2014 during a long and cold English Winter, we noticed that something was missing in our closet, something warm, elegant, chic and perfect for any occasion, day or night.

We came up with the idea of fur gilets, a garment that matched all of our requests.


We started creating our own vests using fox fur and suede and when we realised that many people liked them and asked us for them we decided to build our own brand: Snowflake Milano.


Our job is to create unique fox fur gilets. We use materials that are the outcome of a long and wide research within the Italian fur market. Our product is a stylish combination of fur and suede that creates a beutiful gilet suitable for every age, day and occasion.


On the back of our vests there’s a beautiful and bright logo: a silver snowflake.

We believe that our little shop is accessible to everyone who desires something that enhances their winter outfits and at the same time warms them up in a classy way.


Our product is unique and made on demad. Our costumers can pick and match their suede and fox layers in a range of different colours, to create pieces that reflected their own personalities and styles.